The benefit dinner was awesome. There were so many people at the dinner and the concert it was just super. I had a blast at the concert and also just reminiscing with friends and family that I haven’t seen in long time.

Paul, Namine and myself just cannot say thank-you enough for all of the love and support that you all have given, and continue to give.  There were so many of our friends and family and church members that came out to support us, but also many people from the community.  We just want to say thank-you and we love you all!

We also have some very good news about Namine.  Friday night during the concert Paul got a call from the hospital telling him that she had her suck swallow study and that she was not aspirating at all.  YAY!!!  They started her feeding from a bottle on Monday, but because she is new to the whole sucking, swallowing, and breathing she is moving very slowly, but progressing nicely.  She took 2cc on Monday and yesterday while Paul and I were at the hospital she took 5cc.  So in terms of ounces she took 1/4 of an ounce.  So she has a lot of work to do but moving very nicely for the first time feeding out of the bottle.  If she keeps moving at this pace hopefully by next week she will be up to par as her feeds are concerned.  If she isn’t than we have to consider a G-Tube.  A G-Tube is a tube that goes right through the outside of her belly and directly into her stomach.  We need you to keep storming heaven and as we have all seen our prayers will be more than answered. 

Thank-you to all of you that attended for your time and generous gifts. Also thank-you to all that could not attend, but sent your prayers and thoughts and generous gifts.

I am so blessed to be part of such an outreach project for the church, but also to see all of you and the support that we are receiving.  We are not alone in this journey here on earth and Friday night was way more than a show of that. 

So once again Thank-you to all of you!!!
Paul, Jessica and Namine Eiche

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  1. She’s such a little honey!! Her faces are priceless!! She looked like she was saying,” What’s with this rubber thing!” She looks so healthy! We always pray!!!!! Grandma xoxoxo

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