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    We are prayyyyyyyyying for you and your upcoming surgery, Namine!!! Plz know that every parent wants their child to suck, swallow and breathe on their own (although they may not say it in that exact way.) Our little people just need help in those areas!!! As crazy as it sounds to you since you haven't used one yet, a G-tube has been one of the biggest blessings that God has sent to us for Jacob. That is one of the reasons he is here with us today and right where he should be on the growth chart. It is SCARY when your child NEEDS to gain weight and cannot do it on their own. Enter the G-tube! If you can handle the trach (which you CAN) this is going to be a breeze. You can work on oral feeding as long as she doesn't aspirate, but right now we need to get her all squishy and plump!!! :-) We commend you for doing all of these things that Namine NEEDS to survive. We would't do anything less… would we??? May God bless you as you continue on down the path that He has chosen for us… long before we are even born. We will check in tomorrow to see how surgery went!

    Lots of hugs and kisses to you from us!
    Jen, Jeremy & Jacob Schultz
    (Members of Mt. Calvary in Waukesha, and Godfather of Mason Voss)

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    Duh!!!!!! Forgot to mention that we are counting the seconds until she can come h*m*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Triple J’s

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