Baby update

Dear Friends and Family, I met with another doctor the reviews the ultrasounds and when he was scanning me I could see her little legs, or at least one of them. To me and this is my personal opinion it looks like just one of her legs is shortened. So keep praying because she keeps…

Also during the ultrasound I saw her mound of hair. She looked like she had a mohawk. It is the curliest I have ever seen a baby’s hair. Also she has gained close to a pound in a week. Last week she weighed in at 4lbs 11oz. This week she weighed in at 5lbs 8oz. So that is a blessing, she will beefed up to go through the heart surgery. I and Paul and our families can not thank-you enough for all of your prayers and thoughts and concerns. We are blessed to have loved ones such as you. Keep the storms coming. We love you all :)

Jessica, Paul and Namine Eiche

P.S. The date that I will most likely have her is July 28. But I won’t know for sure until July 20th when my OB returns from vacation. I will keep you all updated and If you know someone that I have missed please feel free to send this email to them.

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