Hello to all,
It is June 30th and I have gone once again to have a Bio Physical Profile, and up until this point we (Paul and myself) believed that the baby had a mild form of caudal regression. Today we met with the first doctor that diagnosed the baby the first time and he was even more pessimistic this time around than before. The reason I say this is because the baby’s body is growing nicely, all but her legs, so defects are little easier to see. What we were told today was that instead of having shortened legs, how can I describe this to make sense without hand motions, where her knee is supposed to be is her foot and the lower part of her leg is just not there, or if it is it is not developed at all and very very small. As far as the size of the baby she is now just over 4lbs and growing nicely for the heart surgery that she will have to endure within the first days of life outside the womb. As far as the caudal regression it is still in the air. No one can give any answers as how to fix the problem until they know for sure what exactly the problem is and how extensive it is. We range anywhere from amputation to have have shortened legs with prosthetics for movement. Being confined to a wheelchair or running with space age legs. We don’t know anything until the day that she is born. The other information that we found out today is that instead of the baby being breech she is transverse which means sideways. So I will have to have a c-section, which will either be on the 28th of July or the 4th of August. The doctor doesn’t want me to go into labor on my own because of her position. If my water breaks the chances of everything coming out but the baby are great and that is not good.

The good news that I have is that she has a ton of hair so she won’t be a bowling ball like I was and that she is gaining weight nicely.

Paul and I ask that you keep all of us in your prayers and I will try to keep you all updated. Thank-you already for storming heaven, keep it up we need all the storms we can get.

God’s Blessings,
Jessica, Paul and Namine Eiche

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