Al’s Run

Namine and I had a great time running the 8K in Al’s Run!

A bus ride, and a close call

I picked my sister up on the way to the Summerfest grounds. After we parked, we followed the throngs of people to wherever they were going. The shuttles, most likely. As it turned out, the shuttles were just regular school buses. We looked for a bus that could accommodate a wheelchair, but found none.

I carried Namine up into the bus and sat her down next to my sister. Then I went back out and put the wheelchair in the back of the bus. The chair didn’t fit in the aisle, but fortunately the wheels can be removed. After I took the wheels off, the chair fit.

While we were on our way in the bus to the starting point of Al’s Run, we were almost crashed into. A small car decided to run the red light, heedless of the steady stream of buses going through their own green light. To compound matters, this car had already been going the wrong way on a one-way street. Fortunately for all the passengers on the bus, the bus driver swerved expertly. It was a harrowing experience, but we made it through and arrived at the Al’s Run starting point without incident.

Before the run

When we got off the bus, we met up with the rest of Team Namine: my friend Rob and his son, Lydia’s friend Donna, Jessica’s sisters Chyral, Melissa, and Jewel. Namine and I were running with Rob and his son, Lydia, and Donna. The other girls were walking.

While we were milling around, waiting for our time to get in line to start the run, a lady and her kid stopped by to say hi. She had seen Namine’s TinySuperheroes cape. Her own daughter also had one, so she brought her over to say hi.

On the run

Unlike what happened two years ago, there was no undue excitement on our run. (Other than being out of breath, anyway.) We all had a great time.

By the time Namine and I rounded the last corner, I was winded. I didn’t feel like I had anything left by the time we reached the end of the fifth mile, but Namine kept on chanting, “Go Daddy go! Go Daddy go!” So I sprinted.

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