Hand crank bike

Since the weather has finally started to warm up, we broke Namine’s hand crank bicycle out of the garage.

Namine had gotten it into her head to go for a bike ride this evening, so tonight after dinner Jessica and I were happy to oblige. We went out to the garage, only to find Namine’s bike with flat tires.

Not to worry, though. As fortune would have it, we had an air pump in the apartment. So after re-inflating the wheels, I helped Namine into the bike seat.

Namine was apprehensive at first, but she quickly got the hang of riding her bike again. Her legs aren’t long enough to be able to rest on anything, so she had to balance herself using just her arms.

In the past, Namine hasn’t really been able to turn by herself. It was the same that we found at the hand crank bike class — turning the handles too much to one side or the other caused them to hit her chest.

It took some trial and error, but she was able to work out a pattern for turning. By the evening’s end, she was cranking her bike from one end of the drive to the other, with no help from either one of us.

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  1. Gayle Kremer Avatar
    Gayle Kremer

    Such determination. Way to go. Pretty sure I would not want to arm wrestle with her. She is one strong little girl.

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