Namine is not always cooperative.

I often write about Namine’s willpower, especially as it pertains to her work in therapy. And it’s true that she’s getting better at walking. It was not so long ago that she couldn’t climb into her wheelchair on her own, and now she can.

But the mentality of such a strong-willed child is going to apply to all things — not just the things we want. So of course she’s going to argue harder about the difficult things, at least until she can do them on her own. Then the arguments stop, and she does them willingly, happily, because she’s a showoff.

She’s also being extra sassy because she knows she’s on camera. That’s okay. I did end up giving her a boost, but she still did most of the work herself.

Above anything else, I always let Namine know that I’m very proud of her. Even if she doesn’t make it successfully through an attempt by herself, it’s important that she try. The trying is more important than the success; it’s the attempt that lets us grow, that allows us to learn more about ourselves.

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