Namine has been dry for five nights in a row. Last night was the first in several days that she’d had an accident.

It was due to an accident that Namine started sleeping sans diaper at night. We were several hours into our trip to Indiana when we realized that we’d forgotten to bring diapers. By the time we arrived, it was much (much much) too late to buy some from anywhere, so we made sure Namine went to the bathroom right before bed, put some pads in her underwear, and hoped for the best.

To our surprise — Namine included — she was dry in the morning. And was she ever excited! This was big. This was huge. So we said (perhaps foolishly) that for the next week, we’d continue to put pads in for bedtime, in lieu of actual diapers. (In retrospect, this seems rather silly.)

And for the following five nights, Namine was dry. Last night was the sixth night, and Namine did have an accident. Of course, pads are not diapers, so they did nothing to prevent the sheets from getting wet. Namine, for her part, was disappointed, but not discouraged.

In the past, Namine has often thought after an accident that we would be mad at her — but we never are, nor have we ever been. I asked her this morning if she thought I was mad; to my relief, she shook her head and said, “No, we’ll just try again tonight.”

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