Not long ago, the tub containing Namine’s first grade curriculum and supplies arrived. Today we unboxed it all and reorganized our school nook.

Before we could put the new stuff away, we had a little cleaning to do. Namine did her part by vacuuming.


One the living room was spic’n’span, we thought we’d have a little “spotlight” time with Namine. Yes, she is just as excited as we are that she’s starting first grade, if not more excited. You know, after giving it some thought, yes, I think she is more excited.

Jessica and I had to approach something as massive as a near-total replacement of school supplies in stages. The first step, of course, was to trap her behind a wall of said supplies.

Achievement unlocked.

If you can’t have a little fun, especially with something as awesome as setting up our school nook, what’s the point, right? But seriously, even though it took a pretty long time, we had fun. We ended up moving and replacing supplies into three drawer units, a new bookshelf, and a little printer desk.

Setting up the printer.

All in all, we’re quite happy with how the nook turned out. There’s not much visual difference — we’ve been using that corner of the living room since March when Namine started the Fall Kindergarten curriculum, after all — but it was still a pretty major overhaul.

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