Bicycle, bicycle!

Load up the Queen song, because we’re going to rock out! ?

Now that summer is here – as far as I know, anyway, Wisconsin weather is fickle – I’m hoping we can get Namine out on her bike more. My aunt found a hand-pedal bike at a hand-me-down place with all kinds of equipment and modified it for Namine’s use.

We gave the bike to Namine for Christmas, but her arms were still a little too short. Now, at last, her reach is long enough to pedal decently. It’s hard work, especially where hills – even the slightest of inclines – are concerned, but building up muscles is just part of the learning curve. And I don’t think Namine could love her bike any more than she already does!

Since the weather has been warmer, Namine and I have been hanging out at our apartment’s playground. I gotta say, it’s fantastic to have a playground so close by. (And it’s also pretty great that they solved the whole wasps-nesting-in-the-sand problem.) Of course I’ve already posted quite a few pictures of Namine playing in the sand – along with the shovel that’s longer than she is tall – but let’s have a few more, shall we?

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  1. Dear Paul, Jess & Namine,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture of Namine! I am smiling so much! I haven’t taken my bike out yet this summer, and now I will think of Namine’s huge smile as I take it for a spin! I’m so excited that she’s out riding her bike, too!

    God bless your summer!
    Emily Mayer

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