I have taken apart Namine’s bed. Her mattress now sits upon the floor, and she loves it – much to my surprise, actually. You see, we are giving Namine’s bed, which started life as a crib and transformed into a toddler bed, to Jessica’s friend Emilie, who is expecting a little girl in July.

We’d expected Emilie to pick up the bed, which had to be dismantled in order to get it out of Namine’s bedroom, yesterday (Sunday). So on Saturday night, we talked to Namine. We explained our plan to get her a new bed, but as we couldn’t get one yet, her mattress would have to sit on the floor. To be perfectly honest, I expected disappointment. But Namine surprised me; she was totally fine with it.

So I disassembled Namine’s bed, which took about forty-five minutes – it took me longer to transform it from a crib to a toddler bed, but I was more familiar with it this time. But no sooner had I come out of Namine’s room to announce my victory over the troublesome bed than Jessica informed me that she had received a text from her dear friend Emilie, who had changed her mind.

I think one of my eyes twitched a bit. But Jessica continued to tell me that she hadn’t totally changed her mind; she still wanted the bed, just not right away. Well, what’s done was done, so I left the bed disassembled by the back door. Meanwhile, Namine went into her room and promptly climbed onto her bed. She was thrilled, just completely ecstatic to have a bed that she could climb into with no help.

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