New bed!

Tonight I get to write the post I wanted to last Sunday, and Namine could not be happier.

Namine’s new bed came today, amid much cheering and celebration from the girl herself. The delivery was supposed to have happened back on Sunday, but the massive snow storm caused Verlo to recall all its delivery drivers.

While I’m on the topic, the salesman at Verlo (we went to the one in Greenfield, although our sales guy’s name escapes me) was exceedingly helpful. He was patient as Namine asked to try this mattress and that, seeming to care only about her comfort. That, and our satisfaction in a potential future investment.

It’s funny. When Jessica and I told my mom that we were getting Namine a full size mattress, she didn’t believe us. Trust me, that is definitely a full.

And yes, the mattress is huge. Yes, it takes up a heck of a lot more room than her old little crib mattress. Which, by the way, was in use for far too long. But if we were going to get her a new bed, then why not something she’ll be happy with for another ten years, if not longer?

The box spring is just two inches tall, so it doesn’t add much height to the entire thing. Namine has a tendency to roll at night, although it remains to be seen if she rolls as much in this bed. Just in case, though, I put some pillows on the floor.

Namine had no trouble climbing onto the mattress and rolling under the covers. “I can do it myself!”

Yes, I’m sure that’s true. But my tucking her in had nothing to do with her needing help or not. She may be six and independent as she can be, but she’s still my little love. I just love to tuck her in. I don’t want that taken away from me. Not yet.

One last thing. She had to have her new blanket, hand-made and given to her for Christmas from Jessica’s mom. With that, I climbed into bed next to her — now that there was room, I didn’t have to lay on the floor. Per her request, I sang You Are My Sunshine and gave her a hug and a kiss.

She was fast asleep not five minutes later.

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    She looks very comfy in there.

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