Well everybody, Paul and I have started the trac cares and changing. It was and still is scary. I do not like doing the trac changes but the tie changes are ok. It is still all a little nerve wrecking, but it is just one obstacle that we will get over, like all the others. I was so nervous and so scared for the first change that as we were doing it I started crying.

Today is her big day for her suck-swallow study, and from here we will be able to see when she will be able to start feeding from a bottle.

Today is also the day of her benefit dinner at St. Paul’s Muskego. The dinner starts at 5 and goes until 7. There is also a concert afterward in the church with many different contemporary christian artists, this is $6 dollars for adults and children under 14 are free.

We are very blessed to have all of your love and support.

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