So we keep getting asked, when is she going home? Getting closer every day, that’s all I know for sure. But aside from the typical Zen answer, the only thing left is feeding. Well, that and training.
When I say Hillshire, you say Farm!
Jess and I sort of did our first trach care today. I say “sort of” because it was mostly observing the nurses do it, but we both helped a bit. We’re getting to be olds pros at the suctioning and changing, though. We do make a great team, something I’ve already known to be true since 2000.
We also gave Namine her first bath today. I mean it was the first time that we bathed Namine, not that it was her first time getting a bath. Goodness, no one would want to approach even a baby as cute as ours if she were that smelly. But yes, it went well.
And don’t ask about the title. It’s one of those in-jokes that would require waaay too much explanation.

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