So we keep getting asked, when is she going home? Getting closer every day, that’s all I know for sure. But aside from the typical Zen answer, the only thing left is feeding. Well, that and training.
When I say Hillshire, you say Farm!
Jess and I sort of did our first trach care today. I say “sort of” because it was mostly observing the nurses do it, but we both helped a bit. We’re getting to be olds pros at the suctioning and changing, though. We do make a great team, something I’ve already known to be true since 2000.
We also gave Namine her first bath today. I mean it was the first time that we bathed Namine, not that it was her first time getting a bath. Goodness, no one would want to approach even a baby as cute as ours if she were that smelly. But yes, it went well.
And don’t ask about the title. It’s one of those in-jokes that would require waaay too much explanation.

Husband. Daddy. Programmer. Artist. I'm not an expert, I just play one in real life.


  1. Grandma E. visited Namine this morning and got to hold her. We may need to arrange for an intervention, because she went back this afternoon to hold her some more! There is little danger that Namine will be passed around like a football, because when Grandma gets ahold of her, she doesn’t let go. I was fortunate enough to tag along this afternoon. What a blessing God has bestowed on our family!

    I saw Skip and Ginger the other day, and they are super-proud that their godson and goddaughter-in-law are such amazing parents.

    We keep praying, as always. May God continue His blessings.

    Grandpa Eiche

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