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caudal regression syndrome

Preliminary IEP

This morning was Namine’s pre-IEP IEP. They called it the “preliminary IEP” – more like preliminary waste of time. We talked, we exchanged information, but no real decisions were made. We decided to make decisions, though. Does that count? After the meeting was said and done, nothing was committed. We signed a form or two, agreed to tour the school where Namine will be going (thankfully it’s nearby and wheelchair accessible), and I think that’s pretty much it.

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Difficulty speaking

Namine speaks in nearly all vowels. For whatever reason, she doesn’t make any plosive sounds. That is, B/D/P/T kind of sounds. She can make Ms, Ns (okay, with a little more difficulty), and Ls. But plosives, she can only seem to make when she plugs her nose. Speech therapy was concerned that it wasn’t just that she wasn’t making those sounds; they thought that perhaps she is incapable of making them. Remember, she’s had a lot of work done on her jaw – the mandibular distraction and the cleft palate repair. (Yeah, it doesn’t sound like a lot. Trust me. It was.) So yesterday Jessica and Namine went to see Dr. Denny, the plastic surgeon who did Namine’s jaw and palate work, to see what he thinks.

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Parenting is an ad-lib

This is especially true for raising a special needs child. After all, there are plenty of how-to books on raising kids, but what if your child has a learning disability? Stimulation or sensory issues? Physical disabilities? No two cases are the same, and even something more common, such as autism, cannot be addressed with a generalization.

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