Cast-off day

Of course when Jessica told Namine this morning that she was going to see her foot doctor, she started freaking out. But today is no ordinary day, and this was no ordinary visit to the orthopedic clinic. Today Namine’s casts were removed, and she is much happier.

Namine has splints on her feet now – the same kind of splints that she had when she broke her tibia – and she will get brand new braces made for her next week. As we had been previously told, there will be two sets of braces. One pair will be for wearing during the day, and she will have special shoes made for her to wear with these. The other pair will be worn at night, and it will be a bit more heavy-duty on the feet.

Unfortunately, I don’t know any technical information about exactly what kind of orthotics Namine will be getting. It’s hard enough prying any information at all from ortho. All we know is that the braces will come up to just below her knees, according to the ortho doc. As for therapy, we are told that the once a week physical therapy she’s currently getting will be sufficient. But on the other hand, we were also told today in regards to physical therapy and eventually getting Namine to walk, we “don’t need to think about that right now.”

But let’s end on a positive note. The casts are finally off! And Namine likes her legs rubbed. :)