Stronger every day

Namine got her new braces — AFOs (ankle-foot orthotics), to be exact, although “brace” is just easier to say — last week. Her old braces were too small for her ever-growing feet, and she needed more support than her shoes could give.


Yesterday was the first day of Namine’s new physical therapy schedule. Instead of once a week, she’s got it twice a week. Her therapist felt that this is the right direction, since she’s been improving so much lately.

Working hard

It would seem that Namine is pretty much settled back into the rhythm of physical therapy. Even though she only has it once a week — down from before the prior authorization expired, when she had it twice a week — she’s proving to be building strength and enthusiasm.

Back at it

It’s been over a month since Namine’s last session in physical therapy. For this reason, her therapist was afraid that Namine had lost much of the strength she’d built up since recovering from her heart surgery. She was surprised and pleased to find that this was not the case.

Cast removal

Today is a big day. Namine usually sleeps in until at least 9 or 10, but she woke up before I left for work this morning. When Jessica asked her what today was, she said with no hesitation: “Today I get my casts and boots off!”

Appointments lately

Namine had an appointment at the ENT clinic the other day. The news was not surprising, and not very alarming, either. Namine still has an ear infection in her left ear, but thankfully it is only still in her left ear. We’ve already got ear drops, though, so we’ll be giving those to her until tomorrow. The other appointment she had was yesterday, meeting with Dr. Black – our new orthopedic surgeon – in order to determine how to rectify Dr. Thometz’s screwups.

Therapy and school

This morning a physical therapist came to the apartment to evaluate Namine. But this was no ordinary PT – if there is such a thing – this was a PT from the school district. She was there to examine Namine in order to determine what kind of therapy she might need when she starts attending school. Things like her preferred method of locomotion, level of toilet training, gross and fine motor skills, listening skills, and cognitive ability.