Art project and shopping

The latest social activity with The Ability Center was an art project and shopping event at Michael’s.

Painting project

The art project was painting a picture frame. Each participating person was given a small frame and their choice of watercolor paints. For her frame, Namine chose Navy blue, light blue, and dark green watercolors, in a style of wavy stripes.

Shopping scavenger hunt

To call it merely “shopping,” as they did in the email, I think is inaccurate. The participants were all divided into groups, with each group having a budget of $25. Each group was then given a list of items to find in the store, with the goal of completing the list while keeping the total as close to the budget as possible while still staying under it. Namine was very excited to look around the store and pick stuff out that caught her eye, so the results of the second half of the event was slightly disappointing to her.

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