Christmas on New Year’s Eve

We had one more Christmas to celebrate, which we did right before the new year!

Due to conflicting schedules, we didn’t get together with my side of the family until New Year’s Eve. We usually get together on Christmas Eve, but that didn’t work out for several reasons. My dad and sister usually sing for one or more church services, and we can no longer visit with my godmother at her house (it isn’t accessible, and I can no longer carry Namine in and out of it). Consequently, we all decided to convene at our house on a different date. Next year, we hope for something a little closer to Christmastime.

As far as food goes, my parents asked for something simple: “noshies” or “snackies,” as we are wont to call them, would have been fine, they said. Jessica and I rejected that idea and made a whole meal. We picked up some beef roast from a favorite local butcher, and made a pretty large meal of it. I’m glad we did. We ended up sending food home with my parents and my sister and her husband.

After dinner, it was time to open presents. Jessica, Namine, and I had opened all our presents to each other on Christmas (or rather, when we celebrated it), of course, but there were plenty of presents left for the rest of my family.

As I mentioned for our own Christmas celebration, I’ve been having some fun with calligraphy. My sister is a big Tolkien fan, so on the outside of her present I put the following quote. Subsequently, it needed no label saying who it was to.

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