Therapy and storms

We had planned on going to Namine’s baseball game, but we ended up watching movies in the basement.

As the saying goes: “Man plans, and God laughs.” Namine had physical therapy in the afternoon, after which we had intended on going to her first baseball game of the season. It wasn’t the first game, of course; she missed that because we had tested positive for Covid. That’ll put a hold on anyone’s plans.

Namine still has a slight cough, but is otherwise recovered. (We even got out for a short run the other day, but more to enjoy the beautiful weather than anything else.) Namine’s doctor assures us that the cough is nothing to worry about; it’s just going to linger. Already we notice that it’s getting a little better every day.

While Namine has been sick, I have been lifting her into the car. Standing and climbing would set off a coughing fit, so we tried to prevent that when we could. Since we got the all-clear to resume activities, and we were heading to physical therapy anyway, Namine decided she wanted to climb into the car. (And out of it, once we had arrived.) She set her mind to it, and she did it. It did set off a coughing fit, although even then, not nearly as bad as it would have been a week ago. Namine was quite pleased with herself, and was excited to tell her therapist what she’d been able to do.

After therapy, the plan was to head to Namine’s Miracle League baseball game, for which the new season had already started. We didn’t miss the kickoff party — that was actually canceled due to weather — but we did miss Namine’s first game last week. You can probably understand, then, how excited she was for baseball. We were disappointed to find, then, that it was canceled due to the excessive heat. We understood, of course, but it was still a disappointment. With no baseball game to attend, we headed straight home.

It was good that we did so, but for another reason: we had a storm and tornado warning that evening. Going downstairs is no easy feat for a family with a wheelchair, since we don’t have a stair lift. I am, thankfully, still strong enough to carry Namine down (and back up) the stairs, so that’s what I did. Then I went back upstairs to bring down her wheelchair. We have some inflatable mattresses, so I inflated one so Jessica and I had a place to sit too.

We have a small Roku TV, so we hooked it up to watch some shows while we waited out the storm. As the wind howled and sirens went off outside, we caught up on the latest episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Ms. Marvel. It wasn’t too long after those were over that the storm calmed down, so we headed back upstairs. It still rained long after that, but nothing that would have made us seek shelter again.

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