The day before yesterday, we took Namine to the doctor. She’s had a pretty phlegmy cough for about a week now, and the antibiotic didn’t really seem to do the trick. Then yesterday saw us in the ER, something we’d been trying to avoid – but you do what’s best for your child, no matter how much you dislike it.

Despite all this, though, Namine has remained decidedly cheery. A few days ago she and Jessica painted their nails and decorated them with little gems. For all the ways in which Namine is a tough little tomboy, she is also quite the girly girl. I will never tire of hearing her excited little squeals.

Unfortunately, we’ve had to keep Namine out of both school and therapy this week, due to her cough and fever. She was up past midnight last night coughing, so I hope that her stronger medication – the prescription for which we’re filling today – will help her kick this for good. She’s been asking repeatedly when she can return to school.

Namine enjoys slicing fruit in Fruit Ninja. I’ve explained to her that she’s supposed to avoid the bombs, but she doesn’t care. She says she likes the “splosions.”

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