My new puppy

Hey, guys! Back in October, my mom got me an adorable puppy!

So, the “puppy” that she got me isn’t a real live animal. It is a big balloon that looks like a stegosaurus. I named him Steggy. It’s from a company called “My own pet balloons.” She got him at Pick ‘n Save.

Then, today, I “taught” him a couple tricks. I taught him fetch, sonic jump, heel, stay, stand, down, and roll over. (He needed some help with that last one.)

I also picked up some toys that were on the floor today. And some of you guys might know, while my grandparents were still packing for the move, my grandma gave me my “N” pillow that I had. Well, I used that pillow as Steggy’s bed. I also gave him a small angry birds toy that I got from McDonalds once. I also gave him my small toy hippo that I got from the zoo. He also came with a leash tied onto him, so I can have him tag along wherever I go. Right now, as I’m writing this, I’m on the couch, so he’s standing on the couch next to me. When I first got him, mommy said that he was shy around people, but once you get to know him and he feels more comfortable around others, he’s really sweet, playful, and fun. (He also likes giving me kisses on the cheek!)

And here are some pictures of me and him playing!

Hey, everyone. So, I wrote this post a while ago and didn’t put any pictures on, but a lot of time has passed, and we finally got pictures. So, I thought that he would slowly deflate, and that would be that, but I found out that he had a little belly button that you can blow into to reinflate him, so now he really can last forever.

I also took him to a pet show and tell for RVA. He also doesn’t stay standing by himself anymore, because when I first got him, he was filled with helium, and his legs weighed him down to the ground, but now that I’m blowing him up again and again, he just lays sideways. (In the picture where I’m walking him in my bedroom, I had to hold him up straight while my dad took the picture!)

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