Ballet is back!

Namine was thrilled to join in-person ballet class again!

Tour de Force has resumed in-person ballet classes. This is in keeping with the Covid restrictions they’ve had in place. The number of sessions is reduced; gone are the kickoff events they’ve had in the past; and mandatory face masks are the norm.

Please don’t take these observations as complaints — they’re not. They’re simply that: observations. We are so thankful to the Milwaukee Ballet and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin for the planning, organizing, and hosting of adaptive and inclusive ballet classes.

I would also add that the shortened sessions and increased precautions are necessary, given the intended audience. Namine is not the only immunocompromised child in these ballet classes. Their safety is paramount, more important than fun or convenience. Frankly, it’s incredible to us that the organizers of Tour de Force make as much possible as they have.

For her part, Namine had a wonderful time at this first class. She loved seeing her friends again and looks forward to the next three weeks of ballet.

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