Tour de Force kickoff

Namine had a wonderful time at the kickoff event for Tour de Force, the accessible and inclusive program jointly run by the Milwaukee Ballet and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Like in the season earlier this year, the kickoff started out with a performance by the professional dancers of Milwaukee Ballet. When that was over, everyone sat in a circle and introduced ourselves. Then the students broke into their small groups to come up with a little move to show off to everyone else.

Like last time, Namine is in the Glissade group. It’s fitting for the students in wheelchairs, since it’s a word which in French means to slide. (It’s also the term for a gliding movement in ballet.)

Every student got a swag bag (their term, not mine) to take home. It should be no surprise that Namine put on her crown immediately, proclaiming herself to be the “Monkey Queen.”

Her gift bag also contained such goodies like books — of the normal and sticker variety — and a tutu. She wasted no time reading her books, as she is wont to do.

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