New orthopedic doctor

We met Namine’s new ortho doctor today.

As Namine has grown, many of her doctors have moved on; either having retired or moved. The latter is the case with her former orthopedic doctor, Dr. Black. It was he who saved her foot when complications with the second clubfoot procedure almost resulted in her losing it. As a result, Namine has been without an orthopedic doctor for these past nine months. Now, it was time to meet with her new one.

Much of the appointment was spent getting Namine’s new orthopedic doctor, Dr. Thiessen, up to speed on her past surgeries and where she’s at now. While most of her doctors are within the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin network, Dr. Black was not. As a result, Dr. Thiessen had none of the imaging results (e.g., X-rays and CT scans) from the past several years. So while we need to get those from Namine’s former clinic, it has still been some time since she’s had any done. That led to the next step: getting all new X-rays of Namine’s hips, legs, and back.

I probably don’t need to tell you that X-rays are nothing new to Namine. The process is often uncomfortable, but she was understanding and patient, as always. She understands the necessity, so while it took some time to get all the imaging at all the angles required — I believe it took over 40 minutes before we were done in the imaging lab — she was not even once a bit impatient.

After the X-rays were complete and the doctor had had a chance to look them over, he came back in to discuss the results. While this was all pretty new to him, it’s nothing we didn’t already know or discuss with Namine’s previous doctor. The next step is for us to get past imaging results to Children’s Hospital, so he can compare today’s scans with previous ones over the past several years.

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