Namine played racquetball for the first time.

Namine and I went to the YMCA to run a mile. (Even Namine calls it “running,” even though she wheels alongside me as I run.) Under normal circumstances, we’d just go running around our neighborhood; we live close to a park and cemetery, either of which is suitable for exercise.

In this case, however, we needed to time Namine as she wheeled for a mile. (It’s for PE class.) The YMCA by us doesn’t have an indoor track, but it does have an outdoor path. We discovered, upon arriving, that the path is actually gravel. Had we brought her bike, that would have been less of a problem; but since we only had her wheelchair with us, I wasn’t about to make her do that. We ended up finding an empty side parking lot which was relatively flat and ran around that 8 or 9 times — however long it was, I’m not sure, until we hit a mile in distance. (Thank goodness for GPS!)

As long as we were at the YMCA, we decided to go back inside (since we’d had to go inside to check in initially) and see what else we could do. There are a couple pools — including a zero-clearance pool — but we didn’t bring our swimsuits. As it happened, the racquetball court had just opened up, so we reserved the next half hour, picked up our equipment for it — including protective eye gear — and headed inside.

Namine’s experience with tennis was a boon to her here. She and I took turns serving, hitting the ball back and forth. We had a wonderful time!

You’ll have to pardon the shaky-cam.

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