Baseball jersey pickup

We picked up Namine’s baseball jersey today. 🧢⚾

Baseball doesn’t start until Monday, but we headed out to the YMCA to pick up Namine’s jersey. They switch up which teams the kids are on each season, and this season Namine is on the Brewers!

The YMCA has an accessible playground, so Namine played for a while before we left. She particularly enjoyed the large… I don’t even know what to call it, actually. You sit on it and rock it back and forth. It’s pretty fun; all three of us sat on it and rocked it for a while. (Sitting in the sun as it does, its seats got pretty hot.)

The playground also has swings that Namine can get into. Regular swings hurt her hips (and we’re not taking any risks there), so the bucket-seat swings are pretty nice. And with me holding the swing still, she was able to transfer herself in and out!

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