Wheelchair approval

We continue to pursue getting a new wheelchair for Namine.

Even though we’ve already restarted the process with the equipment supply company to get Namine a new wheelchair, there are other parties that need to be considered, as well. Not the least of these is insurance, of which Namine has two: my insurance through my job, and Medicaid. Both of these will balk at us requesting a new wheelchair so soon after one has been delivered. Our word alone that it was rejected and returned is not enough; to that end, we turn to someone else who can vouch for our decision and back up our request for a new one.

To be perfectly honest, I had to look up the department name for the doctor we saw. According to the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin staff pages, Dr. Zvara works in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department, although the Special Needs folks (who now go by the name Critical Care) have always referred to it as the Seating Clinic. Names are hard.

Well, no matter what name the clinic is called, we needed Dr. Zvara to back up our decision and put in a good word for us not only to the equipment supplier, but also to both insurance companies. So we brought Namine in. Since COVID-19 precautions are still in place, only one parent was allowed in, so I accompanied Namine while Jessica waited in the car.

It’s pretty frustrating that we have to deal with insurance fighting us on every request for equipment. This is, unfortunately, the state of health care in the United States. However, I don’t want to vent all this negativity without expressing our gratitude, as well. We are very thankful for doctors like Dr. Zvara and the many others across so many departments who do have Namine’s best interests at heart. She has been fought for by so many people, and continues to be.

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