Sprained wrist

Namine thought her wrist was broken. Fortunately, this was not the case.

On Thursday, Namine and I had just finished reading a chapter of our book — just before I tucked her into bed — and she said that her right wrist hurt. It hurt so badly, she said, that it felt like it was broken.

Of course, when Namine told me, she said it matter-of-factly. She also refused to take anything for the pain, saying that she could handle it.

The following couple days, Namine said the pain had gone down some, but her wrist still felt broken. So we skipped basketball practice this morning in favor of visiting the pediatrician.

Once we got to the pediatrician’s office, they immediately took an x-ray and then we were seen by the doctor. He and the x-ray tech confirmed that Namine’s wrist was, in fact, not broken — likely just sprained. He poked and prodded her wrist for a bit, asking does it hurt when I do this, does it hurt when I do that. Even for the parts that did hurt, you wouldn’t have known it if Namine hadn’t said so.

All things considered, the doctor seemed satisfied with Namine’s answers. He wished us a good weekend, and we left the clinic.

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