Namine and I went to see the Nutcracker on Christmas Eve.

You might recall that Namine will be taking part in a Milwaukee Ballet program called Tour de Force. It was through that same program that we were given tickets to see the Nutcracker. There was a backstage tour beforehand, and then the ballet itself.

We made sure to leave extra early so we wouldn’t be late for the tour, and it was a good thing we did. Of course, on the day we had to drive through downtown Milwaukee, it snowed. (As it happened, getting snow was a Christmas wish of Namine’s.) We did arrive safely and on time. :)

In addition to the tour and the gift of seeing the ballet itself, the children were also given a present. Namine didn’t open hers until Christmas day.

After the ballet was over, Namine got to have her picture taken with some of the cast. The dancer who played Drosselmeyer sat next to Namine and gave her some of the magic sparkles that he threw around during the show. Namine stuck them in her pocket and still has them. (I’m hoping I remember this by the time I have to wash her coat.)

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