Namine attended the Nutcracker with her friends from ballet class!

We arrived at the ballet early because there was a cast meet and greet before the show. Namine got to say hi to and have her picture taken with the Mouse King, Uncle Drosselmeyer, some toy soldiers, and a bunch of other dancers. This year the Snow Queen was played by the Glissade class’s teacher!

Namine was far from the only one there from her Tour de Force class. They all even got their pictures taken by the Milwaukee Ballet’s social media photographer!

After the meet and greet, it was time to take our seats for the ballet. Even though our tickets had seat numbers, they were general admission which meant that we could sit anywhere we could find room.

As it happened, all the Tour de Force families with girls in the Glissade class sat in the same area. This meant Namine was able to sit with her friends. Jessica and I weren’t too far away, but we weren’t worried. All us dance families watch out for each other.

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  1. Mrs. Miller Avatar
    Mrs. Miller

    This looks like so much fun! I bet Namine LOVED it!

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