Tonight was the last Miracle League baseball game.

Namine’s team, the Royals, played against the Giants. The Giants were up to bat first, so Namine’s Buddy led her to the outfield. All during the game, the loudspeakers were playing pop music, among which was some Katy Perry (with some choice PSY for good measure, I don’t even know). Namine did not waste the opportunity to tell her Buddy all about her love for Katy Perry.

When the game was over, the Royals were lined up. Each child was called up in turn, and received a medal. Namine was so ecstatic after receiving hers, that she raced off the field to show me and Jessica. Then she went back to her friends and teammates. Along with a medal, each player received their own trading cards, to distribute to friends and family as they wished.

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