I finally got Jessica to try Cracker Barrel!

We’d had breakfast yesterday morning, but we didn’t have a chance to grab anything for lunch before the wedding service. The reception wasn’t until early evening, so we drove down one of the main streets of the city, looking for a place to eat. I suggested Cracker Barrel.

I have always been a sucker for Cracker Barrel. But for as long as I’ve known Jessica, she’s always said she didn’t like eating there; she’d had a bad experience at one when she was younger, and never wanted to try it again. You know how it is.

I’d always countered that with the fact that she’d eaten at a Cracker Barrel in Wisconsin. I posited that if she ate at one in the south (or rather, the South), she’d change her tune in a hurry. (She did.)

Indiana isn’t as south as, say, Jawja (say it out loud), but it was enough so that there was a pleasant twang to people’s speech. And the food? I never for a moment had a doubt that Jessica would like the food — whether or not she loves it I cannot say, but she told me she definitely wants to come back.

While we waited on our food, I introduced Jessica and Namine to another of my childhood loves. I don’t even know if the peg game has a name, but the idea is to jump one peg over another, removing the jumped-over peg. You want to get rid of as many pegs as possible.

Believe me, it’s harder than it looks. In our youth, my brother and I managed to end up with one remaining — but don’t ask me how, I no longer remember the pattern or sequence. In any event, Namine picked up the idea quickly enough.

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