Piano recital 2015

Namine played two songs for this year’s piano recital.

Namine has been very excited about this recital. She doesn’t always practice when she should, but then, what six year old does? Jessica and I are not inclined to force her to, though, because taking the piano was her idea and we’ve no desire to turn this into a mandatory — and thus, dreaded — thing.

So even though she doesn’t practice as often as my mom (who is her piano teacher) would like, she still loves it. And she’s pretty good, I think. But what do I know, I haven’t played piano since I quit on my mom in the third grade.

The first song Namine played was called “My Book.” The video is shorter than the song, because I forgot that it had a repeat.

For the second song, “Go Tell Aunt Rhody,” I remembered to stop the video only after Namine stopped playing.

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