Christmas piano recital

Namine played three songs in this year’s Christmastime piano recital.

I’ve uploaded the videos from each of the songs Namine played: Jolly Old Saint Nicholas, Jingle Bells, and Your Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We. (They’re in a playlist, so be sure to watch them all!)

Since the recital was in free-form format, students were welcome to get back in line and play one or more of their pieces again. Namine did this too, opting to play all three of her selections once more.

After the recital was over and most of the students and their families had gone, Namine played a couple impromptu duets with both Jessica and my mom. At this point it was pretty noisy because people were talking and putting tables away, so while I do have some videos, the audio isn’t that great. Please enjoy this photo of Namine and Jessica instead.

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