The last time I tried making shaped pancakes was pretty much a disaster. I tried a different method this time, and they turned out a little better.

As you might recall (or not), last time I made pancakes I tried to make shapes. Using cookie cutters seemed to me like a good solution. However, I did not think to line the inside with a lubricant (like butter or Pam), resulting in… less than stellar results.

Nailed it.

If you don’t get it right the first time, then you keep trying. It’s what I’m trying to teach Namine, and what’s the point if I don’t set the example, right?

So, new idea: use a squeeze bottle to draw my desired shape with batter, then fill said shape with more batter.

I asked Namine what shapes she’d like her pancakes to be, and she asked for a heart. Beyond that, she didn’t have a preference. So the first pancake I made was hers.

The left side of the heart, which is where I started, was a little squiggly. This was because the batter was coming out of the squeeze bottle faster than I was drawing the line. As a result, the batter pooled a little when it hit the pan. I corrected this for the other side, moving the bottle faster. The line was much smoother as I finished drawing the heart.

I took a scoop of pancake batter and filled the heart. Since the stylized heart symbol is quite open, it was easy enough. However, I forgot to account for how fluffy the batter had gotten. So when it came time to flip the pancake, one side had started to overflow a little. That’s okay, it still looked like a heart.

I tried my hand at a couple other shapes: a star, a moon, a bear’s face. The star was too pointy and the batter too fluffy to turn out well. I was a little more careful with the crescent moon, being sure to make it wide in the middle. My bear face didn’t turn out so well. Jessica tried her hand at a bear’s face, and hers turned out quite a bit better.

I was pretty happy with how my “Mom” pancake turned out for Jessica.

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