Makin’ breffess

Jessica hates it when I call breakfast “breffess.” It’s just a bit of silliness. What wasn’t silliness was my attempt at a new breakfast food: pancakes.

Silly Paul, pancakes aren’t a new breakfast food. Well, they are for me. I’ve never before successfully made pancakes, so this was a new adventure for both me and the smoke detector.

I think I’ve already proven (to myself, anyway) that I’m getting better at cooking — you have to start somewhere, right? — so in my hubris I started cooking bacon and the pancake batter at the same time.

So far so good, right?

My pancake batter was pretty thick, so I was a little apprehensive about how long to leave it on the pan. My instincts were pretty much spot on, though; I cut one in half when I thought they were done, and sure enough, the batter was cooked all the way through. The outside was a nice golden brown, too.

Spurred on by this success, I foolishly thought I could do something fancy. I got a few cookie cutters down from the cupboard and placed them on the pan, pouring some batter inside.

All systems go.

Unfortunately, I had overlooked something. After Jessica had come in to find out what was burning, she asked me if I had buttered the cookie cutters. No, that had not even occurred to me. As a result, my pancakes did not pop out of their shapes quite as nicely as I’d imagined they would.

Nailed it.

So yeah, they didn’t even cook all the way through in their little tin prisons. That’s okay, that just meant we had to dump them back on the pan and brown ’em some more.

Despite the pancakes’ awful appearance — I’m pretty sure I heard them whispering “kill meeee” — they still tasted fine.

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