Cakes, pan and otherwise

A fun couple days of baking!

Morning pancakes

We ended up sleeping in. We were woken up by a certain six year old, who was wondering where we were and why we were not already making pancakes. It turned out to be early enough yet that we had time to make breakfast before church, so we got started.

The past few times we’ve made pancakes, both Jessica and I have tried our hand at making shapes — mostly hearts, bears, that sort of thing. The batter we’ve used in the past is just the instant kind, and it’s been almost too fluffy to do anything with except make circles.

We didn’t have any instant mix this morning, though, so we looked up a recipe online. (No, I don’t remember exactly which we used. A nod’s a good as a wink to a blind horse, and all that.) The batter ended up being a bit thinner, and so easier to draw with.

Hallmark holidays notwithstanding, hearts make cool pancakes.

Jessica and I took turns making different shapes, including our names. Those were particularly difficult to flip without breaking.

I wanted that cake!

Yesterday, we made a cake for a church event. This was the cake.

There were all kinds of desserts at the event, cut up and distributed, but we never saw our cake. This made us sad, so we decided to make another one. It also provided the opportunity to use the cake decoration kit we’d picked up in a post-Valentine’s Day sale.

Jessica tried out the frosting gun first. Namine wanted to help, but the angle wasn’t right for her to wield it herself. When we made the cake itself, I set up everything on the floor so that Namine could pour in the ingredients and mix it herself. I think we’ll have to do the same thing next time we set up for decorating, too.

Then it was my turn.

I may or may not have gotten carried away.

Putting the chocolate frosting in the gun after the purple resulted in a cool streak effect. It was totally accidental, but also totally cool.

We had some mishaps with the frosting — mostly mine — but that was more because we were playing around with a new toy, getting acquainted with how touchy it was. (See that giant glob in the upper left? Yeah. That was me.) We ended up making a pretty fancy cake, but for no reason other than we could.

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