Too close for comfort

During our visit to the Dolphin Tale Adventure museum, we saw a small simulation of the hurricane shown in the first Dolphin Tale movie. Namine thought it was exciting, but it brought back some pretty vivid memories for me.

When I was younger — I don’t recall when, exactly — my family and I got caught in a Florida rainstorm. To be precise, it was a monsoon, and it was terrifying.

In the Dolphin Tale movie, there is a fictional hurricane. It’s there to further the plot, and on-screen storms never bother me anyway. But walking through a recreated tropical storm, I have found, brings back an experience I’d hope to never have to go through again.

This first clip is from the recreated house. We were caught outside amid the lightning and the rising water — the storm had abated somewhat by the time we arrived back at the condo — but the lightning through the far window is familiar enough.

This second clip is worse. The video is hard to see, and for that I apologize, but in its way, that is how it was too. Video will never replace the experience, but take my word for it — the experience (by which I mean getting caught in a real tropical storm) is harrowing indeed.

We were fortunate enough to not encounter downed power lines, especially since the water had risen up. But the wind, the rain, the violently swaying trees — those are accurate enough.

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