Princess Legos

We had planned on going to the mall over the weekend. For obvious reasons, we didn’t go on Saturday – Namine was still sick, and even though she was once again eating real food, we didn’t want to chance taking her out.


I’ve lost count of how many times Namine has thrown up today. It was supposed to be a fairly normal appointment day, with Jessica taking her mom to get a blood draw, then one for herself and for Namine. How strange it must seem that that constitutes “normal” for us, but the day ended up being anything but.

Power of the spoken word

The other morning was a bit crazy. We were supposed to get up early, but none of us slept well. As a result, I rushed out the door to get to work at 8:05 (I’m should leave by 7:45 in order to get to the office on time). So just before I left, I tucked Namine into the big bed with Jessica, gave both my girls kisses and hugs, and ran out the door.

Making guacamole

I keep writing about making food, but really, is there a better activity the whole family can participate in? Preparing dinner doesn’t have to fall to one person; the kids can join in too. Namine’s inability to reach the counter by herself necessitates some accommodations like using a footstool as a table. But there’s no reason not to!

A love of cooking

Technically, I suppose this is baking. But whatever it is, if it has to do with making food, Namine loves it. I’m by no means good in the kitchen, but Jessica says I’m getting better. No matter; we try to instill in Namine the same love of making food that we have. So far, it seems to be working.

Chopped egg

Last weekend, I made Namine breakfast so Jessica could sleep in. She wanted a fried egg. I’m not a good cook (or deserving of the title “cook” at all) by any stretch of the imagination, but I did my best. It did not turn out well, but that didn’t matter.