January 2014

  • Helping out

    Helping out

    Chores are no fun, I know. But in giving Namine things to be responsible for – like keeping her room clean, and sweeping the kitchen – we hope to provide a basis for establishing work ethic.

  • Namine’s stockpile

    Namine’s stockpile

    I love Nerf guns. I always have. It’s been a lifelong obsession of mine to get whatever latest crazy Nerf gun that has come out, whether I am going to use it a lot or not. (Hint: not.)

  • Climbing into the wheelchair

    Climbing into the wheelchair

    Namine’s physical therapist has been working with her lately on climbing into her wheelchair. It’s been slow going, and we’re not sure why. We have some theories, though.

  • Junabee Bajones

    Junabee Bajones

    A while ago, Namine and I started reading chapter books. We’ve finished a book on Helen Keller, which she enjoyed very much, and the first in the Junie B. Jones series of books. Namine calls her “Junabee Bajones.”

  • Trip to Penzey’s

    Trip to Penzey’s

    Yesterday we went to Penzey’s to get some spices.

  • Donny says vacuum!

    Donny says vacuum!

    When Jessica makes dinner, it’s something made from scratch – just short of killing the cow in the back yard, anyway. When I make dinner, it’s frozen, and more often than not made of cheese and pizza sauce. Tonight, then, was a rarity. I, being in charge of dinner, helped Namine make frozen chicken pot…

  • Three’s company

    Three’s company

    As a parent, you find that some little girls play well together. And some… well, not so much.

  • Making biscuits

    Making biscuits

    We were going to make biscuits and gravy yesterday, but I came down with the flu. Since I’m feeling a little better today – by that I mean I felt that I could have more than Jello and 7-Up – we made them tonight.

  • Playing with Legos

    Playing with Legos

    Namine is playing on the floor with her Legos. She stood several guys around her. “We are gathered here today because I am awesome!”

  • Diapers and potty training

    Diapers and potty training

    Potty training is stressful enough for both parent and child. It’s made even more stressful by not knowing if your child is able to tell when they need to go, or if they can hold it at all.

  • Sick again/still

    Sick again/still

    Snuggling with my sick kiddo. This virus is nasty.

  • Princess Legos

    Princess Legos

    We had planned on going to the mall over the weekend. For obvious reasons, we didn’t go on Saturday – Namine was still sick, and even though she was once again eating real food, we didn’t want to chance taking her out.