Helping out

Chores are no fun, I know. But in giving Namine things to be responsible for – like keeping her room clean, and sweeping the kitchen – we hope to provide a basis for establishing work ethic.

Junabee Bajones

A while ago, Namine and I started reading chapter books. We’ve finished a book on Helen Keller, which she enjoyed very much, and the first in the Junie B. Jones series of books. Namine calls her “Junabee Bajones.”

Donny says vacuum!

When Jessica makes dinner, it’s something made from scratch – just short of killing the cow in the back yard, anyway. When I make dinner, it’s frozen, and more often than not made of cheese and pizza sauce. Tonight, then, was a rarity. I, being in charge of dinner, helped Namine make frozen chicken pot pies.