Speech appointment

We had an appointment today with the speech pathologist. (Yes, that one.) It went far better than I expected. In fact, we now have solid evidence that not only is Namine speaking better with the palatal prosthetic in, her speech is improved when she isn’t wearing it.

First day back since the Fontan

It wasn’t Namine’s first time back to therapy since her most recent heart surgery, of course. But it was her first time walking. Not just doing more at home, climbing on things – although no one was more thrilled than her when she got the green light to climb again – but really, truly working […]

Drawing what she knows

Jessica showed me something interesting last night. Namine had drawn her hand on the chalkboard. After doing so, she filled in some details, including the crease of skin between the palm and fingers, and the blood in her veins. I find this fascinating.


Shooting at Children’s Hospital

I only heard about this when a friend tagged me in a Facebook post about this. He works at Froedtert, but thankfully he was off-campus when it happened. As for us, we didn’t have any appointments at the hospital today, so we were nowhere near.

Excitement and improvement

Jessica decided that we should name Namine’s palatal prosthetic. She and Namine settled on “Pat.” I don’t know. My girls are weird sometimes. It’s up to me to establish normalcy in this family. My cross to bear, I guess.

Role model: an essay

My sister wrote this essay, republished here with her permission. My role model isn’t someone famous or someone with many years on me. Truth be told, the person I look up to most is someone less than three feet tall. My niece, Namine, is five years old, but she has gone through more life than […]