Jessica showed me something interesting last night. Namine had drawn her hand on the chalkboard. After doing so, she filled in some details, including the crease of skin between the palm and fingers, and the blood in her veins. I find this fascinating.


Just earlier today I wrote about Namine being more and more observant. This is another example, and it’s interesting to me because this is Namine’s world. Of course she knows about blood, especially after being subjected to blood draw after blood draw. She is intimately familiar with the physiology of her own body – especially the points of surgery.

She knows her heart would be broken if Dr. Mitchell (her cardiac surgeon) hadn’t fixed it — her words, not mine. In fact, Namine often makes it a point to pray for those doctors who have done so much for her. And not just doctors; she often prays for her therapists, too.

But Namine’s heightened observation, especially of late, while fascinating to see, should come as no surprise. This is her life, her normal. Her scars are normal. Her blood is normal. Blood is not scary. It might be to another child, but not to her. It’s just another part of her, same as her hand, her foot, and her heart.

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