A good day

Jessica went over to her sister’s today to lend a hand with Christmas presents. (I plan on waiting until the last minute, especially since Jessica already “accidentally” found one of the presents from me and Namine). Since some of said presents were for Namine, and since I had to go back to work today, she dropped her off at my mom’s house, where she spent the day with my mom and sister.

Our Thanksgiving

Both Jessica and I are introverts. We are more comfortable with a small number of close friends, we don’t like parties or loud noise (for my part, except for music – but usually with headphones on or by myself in the car), and we treasure our alone-time. Namine exhibits many of the same qualities.

MRSA, MRSA, go away

Come again, some other… never. Yeah, let’s go with never. Namine’s pediatrician called us; the culture they took last week on her MRSA infection – or what was left of it – came back negative. This is great news, a step toward getting her taken off contact isolation status.

Trip to the mall

We have a prescription for Namine’s glasses. We get our glasses at the VisionWorks in the mall, so it made sense to get Namine’s there, too. We also just so happened to have one a free train ride, so we decided to make a day of it.