Not long ago, I came across a beautiful WordPress theme called Serene. It’s designed for large screens, but it’s also responsive, so it looks good on small screens, too. I decided to switch out my current theme, Twenty Thirteen, in favor of Serene.

There are many things I like about Serene. But in my opinion, there are some things missing. So I set out to create a child theme for Serene, in order to add those things.

A new post format

Serene has an awesome implementation of the gallery post format: it displays the first gallery in the header above the post content. I thought that was awesome, but thought it would be nice if there was a similar treatment for a single image. So I added the image post format.

Breakpoints are dumb

Serene is responsive, but it doesn’t play too nicely with narrower screens. Instead of a fluid width for everything below a certain threshold, it still enforces specific widths based on breakpoints, making the single column of content extremely narrow on some devices (for example, my phone). I have remedied that.

Small tweaks

I’ve also made some changes that I prefer, such as the treatment of the excerpt in different post formats and some style tweaks here and there.

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