Dear Paul,

Could you help me with my serene child theme ? I have an issue with the icon of the magnifying glass. You can see it on my website : http://www.mes-sommets.fr.

Did you had this issue as well ?

Also, could you share some of your tricks on your serene-child theme ? :)

Thank you very much for your time.

Best regards,



It looks like the font used for the icon, ElegantIcons, is not being included in your theme. Make sure the stylesheet elegant-font.css is being included; you should find it inside Serene’s css directory.


You were right but it was not enough. I had enqueue several stylesheet without changing the name. So elegant-font.css was loaded with the wrong URL.

BTW, I really like what you have done to the theme, you manage to deal with the big picture (that can confuse the user) in a very nice way :)

ciao ciao

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