This is what happens when the left hand doesn’t know what the right is doing, kids. The other day during rounds, the doctors had a bit of a freak-out. You see, Namine was on two different diuretics and a restricted liquid diet. So of course they were worried that she would get dehydrated.

Namine is doing better now, of course. They took her off that stupid restricted diet – they are actually insisting now that she drink seventeen ounces of liquid a day – and they’re closely monitoring how much she’s taking in and putting out. As for Namine’s slowly growing appetite, take a look at that veggie burger she’s demolishing up there. She surprised me, actually, by eating it. She’s not that big on burgers in their natural form, and frankly, there’s nothing more unnatural than veggie burgers. For the next six weeks, though, Namine is on a low-fat diet. Anyway, she loved the burger and ate nearly the whole thing.

13 - 1 Now that Namine is up on the observation floor with no wires anymore (with the exception of the leads, which are easily removed), she is relatively free to take short trips in her wheelchair. She’s not allowed to wheel herself, of course – she won’t be for a couple weeks, at least – but she seems to enjoy relinquishing control, for the time being. (We’ll see how long that lasts.) Yesterday – I think it was yesterday – Jessica took her down to the play area on this floor so she could paint and color. Today we took a shorter trip. It was just to get food for ourselves, and we came right back up because Namine’s own food was being delivered to the room.

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