The tentative plan is to send Namine home tomorrow. I say “tentative” because the plan was to send her home today, but she has a fever. They can’t explain the fever – not from the amount of medication she’s on, and certainly not this far out after surgery. So the plan, as it stands now, is to keep her at least one more night for observation.

We were a little surprised that they would be willing to discharge Namine on a Saturday. As long as we can remember, we’ve always been told that they won’t discharge on a weekend. As far as that goes, I don’t care. I’ll just be glad to have the three of us home again. Had we been discharged today, we would have had to bring Namine back on Monday for another blood test, but as we’re staying another night, they’re just going to do it tomorrow morning.

Fever notwithstanding, Namine’s mood is positively stellar. She has nothing but smiles for everyone – that is, if you’re not wearing blue latex gloves. For the most part, she doesn’t mind the nurses; but the doctors, the doctors she fears. At least she’s not on isolation this time, so there are no hippo monsters. But she still thinks that anyone wearing the blue gloves – which the doctors of course put on when coming to examine her – is coming to do a blood draw.