Well, kids, it’s almost here: the cleft palate repair. Namine is scheduled to be taken back for surgery at 7:30, and we have to be at the hospital by 6. As we’re used to by now, she’ll only get her night feed until midnight tonight, Pedialyte until 4. Jess and I will most likely just get up and stay up at that point, since we’ll have to leave no later than 5:30. 5 or 5:15 would be preferable.

Jess, Namine and Sharon went to one last pre-op clinic today to clear up some final details, like which meds Namine can get tomorrow morning, and all that feeding stuff. Something that I had been wondering about was what, exactly, would take place during this surgery. I mean, The cleft palate is basically a big hole in the roof of Namine’s mouth. How are they going to close it, I wondered. According to the pre-op doctor, they’re just going to sew it closed. Excuse me while I supress a shudder. I remember my hernia repair well enough to know that stitches do not always stay where they’re supposed to.

Namine will be staying in the hospital tomorrow overnight for sure, but beyond that is dependant on how she does. If they see fit to, they’ll send her home on Friday. Unless something horrible happens, I’ll be at work, so we’d be taking her home in the evening. If they don’t send her home on Friday, most likely she’d come home next Monday. (They don’t discharge kids over the weekend.)

We’re nervous, but I suppose we’re used to surgery days, so I think we’re dealing with it okay. We’ll probably play cards and read while we wait for her surgery to finish. When she’s awake again, we’ll talk to her and read to her, watch Sponge Bob with her and sing to her. We’ll be a normal family, as much as that’s possible. We’ll rock her to sleep and dream our dreams together. We’ll love her and take care of her, because she is our little love.


  1. We’ll be keeping you, Jess & Namine in our prayers. If there’s anything we can do to help out, just yell.

  2. Prayers for Namine’s safe and uneventful surgery. She such a precious little angel I hate to see her go through this. I hope she comes home quickly and that there isn’t much pain.

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