Namine was paid a visit at lunchtime once more by a therapist with a dog. I think she must be getting over her fear of dogs, because she was thrilled to be able to pet this one too.

I forget the dog’s name, but Namine had the pleasure of giving her treats, in exchange for tricks. The therapist told Namine that she could tell the dog to do things. Namine said, “Sit!” and squealed as the dog sat. “Lie down!” and the dog laid on the floor. “Roll over!” and she laughed and laughed as the dog rolled over. The therapist gave Namine some treats to hold out for the dog to eat. I honestly didn’t expect Namine to keep her hand still – this was a fairly big dog, especially to Namine – but she did. She squealed because it tickled her hand, but she held still enough. Then she pet her behind the ears and on top of her head.

If there is a sure measure for how Namine is feeling, I’d say it’s her appetite. She has been slowly working her way back to eating regularly – not there yet, but soon, I’d say – and for lunch today she asked for chicken tacos. “Tacos always makes me feel better,” she told us. (Me too, Namine. Me too.) When we put the tray in front of her (and washed her hands from petting the therapy dog), she immediately grabbed a spoon and started shoveling cheese onto one of the tacos. Yeah, I’d say she’s feeling better.

Namine is also sitting up better now that she’s tube-free. That’s right, the last two drainage tubes were removed this morning. Whatever pain she might be feeling (and it must be considerable, because she still has some trouble sitting up with no back support), she’s not complaining. They also removed the pacing wires when they took out the drainage tubes, so the only thing left is the central line in her right shoulder. As she’s not quite yet eating or drinking enough, it’ll stay in to keep her hydrated. But when that comes out, I’m pretty sure that’ll be it, and we can go home.

We’re told that we might be able to go home as soon as tomorrow, but of course it all depends upon Namine herself. And like I keep telling the doctors, I’m in no hurry. Namine will get there in her own time, no one else’s.